Fat Buster was launched in 1999 by Kay Reddy. 
Fat Buster is a completely natural weight loss product, contains no drugs or stimulants. Fat Buster has 60 capsules
and is sold together with 90 Detox tables. Unlike other diet products, Fat Buster DOES NOT go with a diet.
It is the only product on the market that allows one to Eat The Foods You Love and Still Lose Weight. LEARN MORE.

I, Julian Moodley, would  like to share with you my experience with Fat Buster. Fat Buster together with a sensible eating plan and a light cardio work out, has helped me lose weight.  It has also taught me to eat in moderation, which allows me to eat what I want… READ MORE

Julian Moodley

Hi Kay, as you know I have been using Fat Buster for about four months.  It is the best product.  I have IBS and have tried numerous other products but only your product actually works.  I have also maintained my weight although I have stopped smoking.  READ MORE


I can thankfully say that this has changed my life.  I unreservedly recommend this product to all who are battling with the problem I had.  The headaches, nausea, tiredness etc. associated with this problem has disappeared.  Thanks Kay. READ MORE

Nicole Van Rooyen

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